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LEPRI REWARDS • Lucas Lepri Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Lepri Rewards: Earn Points – Get Rewards

Welcome to Lepri Rewards – a fun and easy way for you to earn cash credits for attending classes, referring friends who join, competing for the team, medaling in a major, posting on Facebook, and Tweeting. You even get points just for having a birthday – and you get points just for signing up. How easy it that? We hope that you find it uhh … rewarding.

We have partnered with Perkville.com to make the process easy to use and manage. As a member, you will automatically receive an invitation email from us (or Perkville) when you attend your first class as a member.

Perkville Lepri Rewards


Here is how to earn points:

*Facebook posts & Tweets must be done through Perkville website to receive credit.

Redeem points for Rewards:

Our Rewards are but one way for us to show appreciation for all you do to build community, camaraderie, and success at our academy.

*Some Restrictions Apply:
1. Claim your points within 30 days

2. Refer someone who joins adult or kids program: Points will become available only after a completion of 4 months on membership. (referral points does not apply for immediately family)

3. Lepri Rewards Points are valid only for active students.