Do you feel too burned out after a long work day to effectively train BJJ? • Lucas Lepri Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Do you feel too burned out after a long work day to effectively train BJJ? • Lucas Lepri Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Do you feel too burned out after a long work day to effectively train BJJ?

This seems to be a common issue for those that go to work during the day and then the gym to train after.  We live in a busy and stressful world.  Everyone tries to accomplish so many things at the same time.  It is normal to be tired and drained before you even arrive at the gym.  Please don’t let this be the reason you decide to skip training for the day!

Whether you are a veteran jiu jitsu practitioner or a newbie, you know how beneficial the sport is in your life, or you wouldn’t be doing it!  Even though you may have had a stressful day, once you step on those mats it all magically disappears for the hour or two you are there.  Rather than worry about finances you are now worrying about surviving the dreaded Bow and Arrow Choke.  Instead of feeling down about life circumstances you are now feeling pumped that the guard pass you’ve been working finally worked!

One helpful tip when you are feeling down and have no energy to train is to think about your training partners and the sacrifices that they have to make to be there training by your side.  There are those with little kids, who have to haul them to the gym to be able to train.  There are students that do not live close to a gym and have to drive many miles to train.  There are people with difficult work schedules and full time students that still manage to find time to make it class.  Use your fellow training partners as examples and as inspiration to help you find more motivation to train.

Another thing you can do for self motivation is to think about where you want to see yourself in your jiu jitsu journey five years from now.  Maybe you want to be more active in competition or a have a shiny new belt around your waist?  Do you see yourself in better shape or maybe see that your friendships and gym family has multiplied?  What experiences will you be able to share with the new white belts in five years?  This thought process can be a powerful motivation factor.  You cannot create this moments by skipping out on training!

Make your busy life a little easier by being prepared for your training week.  Set a goal of many classes that you will attend and stick to it!  Have your gym bag prepared and ready to go in your car so you don’t find yourself scrambling to make it on time.  Pack a healthy lunch and snacks to fuel your body properly throughout the day.  Drink plenty of water and if you need a little boost, some tea or coffee.  If you are the competitive type, make a list of upcoming competitions and sign up!  Let your instructor know your goals.  He is there to help and he will definitely notice if you are missing classes before the big day!

Finally, remember why you started your jiu jitsu journey in the first place.  Remember the excitement you felt and why you kept coming back.  The gym is a place to have fun and let go of the daily life stressors.  Enjoy your journey and keep pushing forward.  The end result will be priceless.

We want to know!  What are YOUR tips for being consistent and full of energy before class?

By: Paulo Roberto Santana

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