BELT PROMOTION - How much have you worked for it? • Lucas Lepri Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

BELT PROMOTION - How much have you worked for it? • Lucas Lepri Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

BELT PROMOTION – How much have you worked for it?

We are in the last month of the year-just three more weeks remain until the end of the year, and as usual, by this time all the teams are celebrating the past year with their students, belt promotions area big part of the celebration. If your name is not on the promotion list, do not be discouraged. This is the time to take a deep examination of your conscience and ask yourself how much you really worked to earn that belt.

All students have their own characteristics, and teachers evaluate them daily. Do not think that it is just the test that will tell you whether or not you are prepared to tie the new belt around your waist, your day to day training and the time shared on the mat with your teammates will tell you if  your time to be promoted has arrived .

We want to learn fast, but we do not have the patience to do the positions; We want to perform perfect movements, but we do not have time for drills; We want to submit everyone during all of the the rolls, but we do not review the submissions frequently; We want to have cardio to do all the rolls in class, but we are always skipping the warmup; We want to win all the tournaments in which we sign up, but we miss several classes during the camp; We want to be respected by the teammates, but we barely say hi to them when we arrive at the gym. I could make a long list of the small mistakes that we make, but these are enough to make us think twice about the actions we have taken (often without realizing it) but which we should avoid. An honest talk  with your best friends can certainly help you to set goals to eliminate all these small distractions that keep you far from your progress-and as a result-far from the new belt.

Those who train know that when the end of the year approaches, some teammates who have not been seen for months suddenly become frequent figures in training. Others begin to bombard the Instructor(s) with promotion related questions, there are even cases of subliminal messages, where the student begins to wear the color of the desired belt all the time…trying to convince the Instructor that the color actually looks good on them. Joking aside, do not be this person!

All you have to do is dedicate yourself and when you feel like you are doing as much as you can-dedicate yourself a little bit more, and you will see how rewarding it is to receive your new KNOWING that all of your effort has been rewarded.A well-deserved promotion has a special meaning, it has stories of victories and defeats and knowing how difficult the path has been. It gives a special brilliance to your journey.

We want to know some of your promotion stories, tell us how it went for you!


By: Paulo Roberto Santana

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